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What is it?

It is the surgery that treats the flaccidity in the arms, returning the firmness and making possible the use of blouses without constraints.


Indicated for people who, with age and oscillations of weight, suffer from the sagging and bulging of the posterior region of the arms. When fat deposits are associated with liposuction.

How is it done?

The level of sagging presented is decisive in the size and pattern of the incision, which may be only in the armpits, in less severe cases. Excess skin is removed and the traction is done with sutures.

  • Surgery Time About 1 hour
  • Anesthesia Local (with sedation) or General
  • Internment 4 - 8 hours

Important Post-Operative Facts

  • AFTER 14 DAYS Demanding end of rest. Avoid stress and do not raise your arms.
  • AFTER 21 DAYS Go back to driving.
  • AFTER 30 DAYS Return to light physical exercises and walks.
  • AFTER 90 DAYS Return to more intense physical activities.
  • 10 MONTHS Final result.