Gluteus Prosthesis

Informations or Appointments

What is it?

It consists of increasing the gluteal volume through the placement of silicone prosthesis.


The gluteal prosthesis is indicated for patients with small buttocks or that after loss weight had great reduction of volume without significant ptosis. Not indicated for patients with excess fat in the region.

How is it done?

In the case of inclusion of silicone implants an incision will be made in the line between the buttocks, and the prosthesis will be placed under the musculature of the buttock, in order to provide adequate coverage and a natural result. The volume and shape of the implants are selected based on the detailed analysis of the particularities of each patient.

  • Surgery Time 1 - 2 hours
  • Anesthesia Epidural or General Anesthesia
  • Internment 12 - 24 hours

Important Post-Operative Facts

  • AFTER 7 DAYS You can go back driving
  • AFTER 30 DAYS You can go back to your daily activities
  • AFTER 60 DAYS You can start doing light phisical exercises
  • AFTER 8 MONTHS Final result.