There are two basic techniques: a Strip (FUT) and FUE. The recovery of the donor area in both techniques does not bring great pain or disconfort, and the sutures and micro incisions become extremely discrete in most cases.

The micrografts  enxertos are implanted as close as possible to one another and always configuring an irregular and quite natural anterior line.

Strip Techinique (FUT)

The follicular units are removed by means of a linear incision in the donor area, followed by trichophytic suture that leaves a scar almost imperceptible. In this technique of capillary transplantation, the follicular units are separated and implanted in the bald or rarefied area.

In the STRIP techinique, we obtain a better use of the donor area, with a greater number of follicular units, ideal for hair transplants that require a greater quantity of hair and air volume.



In this technique the follicular units are harvested extracted by mechanical rotation, but it is more suitable for patients who have a small baldness and require smaller sessions. Their advantage is punctiform scars that tend to disappear over time.