Recovery and Results

The capillary bulbs of the occipital region (near the nape) are more stable and resistant to baldness, so they are transplanted to the bald and low density regions. When implanted in the recipient region retain these same genetic characteristics offering greater resistance to baldness, they are long lasting.

The result comes gradually, much of the implanted hair falls in up to four weeks and growth restarts from 90 to 120 days after surgery, when there is still no visible result. At six / nine months, we observed an initial result. The final aspect is reached after 12 to 14 months postoperatively.

It is important to know before surgery how the evolution of this surgical process unfolds through a consultation with the surgeon and to know all the evolution of the postoperative period.
The Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery does not recommend the use of simulators to predict results, since it is not possible to consider the individuality of each organism and its biological variables in an artificially created image.


The presentation of comparatives between before and after surgeries and aesthetic procedures are not allowed to be displayed. As a serious and committed clinic, we follow the norms established by the Federal Council of Medicine and Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, but we invite you to come visit us and meet our professionals, because it is through this contact that you will be instructed in the best way and sure of your options.