Cervical Lifting

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What is it?

It is the surgery that harmonizes the look of the neck with the face, treating flaccidity. It also corrects double chin or chin through concomitance with liposuction.


It is indicated for people with flaccid necks, deep grooves and "hanging" jowls that convey an aged or obese appearance to men and women. It can be part of a facelift.

How is it done?

Neck surgery, in less severe cases, is done through incisions at the base of the ears, which allows you to readjust muscles and eliminate excess skin. Associated with lipo, it eliminates pockets of fat.

  • Surgery Time 1 - 2 hours
  • Anesthesia Local (with or without sedation) or General
  • Internment 6 - 12 hours

Important Post-Operative Facts

  • AFTER 7 DAYS End of demanding rest. Avoid too much effort.
  • 7 to 14 days Remove stiches and return to work.
  • AFTER 30 DAYS Back to light exercises.
  • AFTER 60 DAYS Gradually back and protected from sun exposure.
  • AFTER 90 DAYS Results already satisfactory.