Calf Prostheses

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What is it?

It is the surgery that harmonizes the calf with the thighs, through the inclusion of prosthesis that increase the back and inner part of the calves.


It is indicated for people with difficult to project the calf muscles with exercises, which is really difficult given the anatomical characteristics of the region.

How is it done?

A prosthesis specially developed for the calves between the fascia (covering of the muscle) and the muscle is inserted through an incision in the knee fold. Afterwards, the fascia is sewn and the incision is closed.

  • Surgery Time 1 hour
  • Anesthesia Peridural or Epidural with Sedation
  • Internment 12 - 24 hours

Important Post-Operative Facts

  • AFTER 3 DAYS End of demanding rest. Avoid too much effort. Walk slowly and do not demand from the legs.
  • AFTER 21 DAYS You can go back to light walking.
  • AFTER 30 DAYS End use of the post-surgical elastic stocking.
  • AFTER 60 DAYS 80% of the visible results and gradual return of the exercises.
  • AFTER 90 DAYS Practice sports like swimming, volleyball and bodybuilding.