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What is it?

Rhinoplasty is aimed to correct the disproportion of the nose, making it more harmonious compared to the face.


Indicated in cases of disproportion or disharmony between nose and face. And also in cases of non-aesthetic appearance of the nose.

How is it done?

There are two approaches, through the endonasal route without external scar or open with small scar in the columela. Both aim to reach the nasal cartilage and bones. In patients whose nose tip is broad or bulbous, the doctor may choose to remove a portion of the alar cartilage from the tip of the nose.
The treatment of nasal hump, one of the most frequent complaints of those seeking rhinoplasty, is an important step towards achieving a great esthetic and functional result. With the aid of specific instruments, it is possible to carve the septal cartilage and the nasal bone in order to regularize the back of the nose, making it more harmonious. Although not always necessary, osteotomy can also be used to correct a high nasal dorsum or even to create a narrower base of the nose.
After nasal remodeling, the incisions in the inside of the nose are usually closed with absorbable strands.

  • Surgery Time 90 minute to 3 hours
  • Anesthesia General
  • Internment 24 hours

Important Post-Operative Facts

  • AFTER 2 DAYS Back to eating hot food.
  • AFTER 7 DAYS Replacement of plaster / acrylic bandage by tape. The bed can be lowered.
  • 14 to 21 DAYS Removing tape bandage. Regrow the swelling and redness.
  • AFTER 45 DAYS Back to academic and non-contact sports.
  • AFTER 90 DAYS Practice sports such as swimming, volleyball and soccer.