Dr. Carlos Uebel

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Meet the Prof. Dr. Carlos Oscar UebelCREMERS 5379 - RQE 1430

Prof. Dr. Carlos Uebel is a professor at the Plastic Surgery Division of the São Lucas Hospital - Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) and confirms his academic career through many lectures and conferences in national and international meetings recognized for developing techniques in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, with emphasis on body and facial contouring surgery. Dr. Uebel is worldwide renowned by his micro follicular units technique published in many scientific papers, books and recognized by the Raymond Villain Award, granted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Prof. Dr. Carlos Uebel signs through his trajectory in the academic field of study and his scientific contributions in the area of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

  • Invited Professor in many Universities has contributed in important panels of facial and body contouring surgeries.
  • PhD in Medicine and Surgery from the Medical School of PUCRS.
  • Past President of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – ISAPS (2012-2014).
  • Full Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.
  • Corresponding Member of the 2 American Societies of Plastic Surgery ASAPS and ASPS.
  • Corresponding Member of the Plastic Surgery Societies of Argentina, Florida, Peru, Chile and Jordan.
  • Honorary member of the German Society of Plastic Surgery having received his major badge – Höhler Nadel.
  • He held several management positions at the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery as Scientific Director and International Director.
  • Past President Southern Regional of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (1985-1986).
  • Participated in several Masters and Doctorate Boards in his specialty.
  • President at the XXII Brazilian Congress of Plastic Surgery in Porto Alegre in 1985, and the XXII World Congress of Plastic Surgery held in Rio de Janeiro in 2014, one of the largest in Latin America.
  • He has been a member of several organizing committees and guest lecturer at national and international congresses in his specialty.
  • Visiting Professor at ISAPS – International Society of Plastic Surgery.
  • Doctor Honoris Causa – Insignia granted by the Brazilian Academy of Philosophy in November 2017.
  • Coordinates annually in São Paulo the International Symposium – one of the largest scientific events in the country, now in its 19th edition.
  • Scientific Director of the Association of Former Students of Prof. Ivo Pitanguy (2015-2018).
  • Has an expressive number of original publications, including international scientific books and articles.
  • Associate of the Institute of Plastic Surgery of Berlin, Germany.
  • Plastic Surgeon at Moinhos de Vento Hospital, São Lucas Hospital – Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS) and Uebel Plastic Surgery Clinic.
  • Member of the Rotary Club of Porto Alegre Leste.

Born in the city of São Leopoldo – RS in 1948, he graduated in Medicine from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (1972), with Medical Residency in General Surgery by the UFRGS Department of Surgery; Medical Residency in Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery at the Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital of Porto Alegre and Post-Graduation in the Plastic Surgery Division of Prof. Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro (1976-1977). His PhD thesis, defended at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in 2006, describes an innovative technique for baldness surgery, considered a worldwide reference and widely used in Brazil and abroad. Professor Uebel is proud to have several of his former students in outstanding academic positions in various parts of the world.